10 reasons why to book a spa suite in Windermere

10 reasons why to book a spa suite in Windermere

There are many reasons why to book a spa suite in Windermere, including total relaxation, stress relief and a feeling of general wellbeing.

Hot tubs use several jets to shoot out water and create a relaxing hydrotherapy massage to users. Water will shoot directly at users or around their bodies which massages the skin and improves circulation, giving a feeling of well-being.

10 reasons why to book a spa suite in Windermere include:

1.Aches and pains

The buoyancy that is provided by water reduces body weight by 90% which takes pressure off the joints and helps relieve aches and pains, particularly in the neck and back.

2.Sore feet

Hot tubs provide great relief from sore feet, and if you dip your feet in the bath for 15 minutes each day, our feet will come out feeling brand new.

3.Sports injuries

Blood flow increases in warm water, and this can help heal sports injuries by increasing the number of nutrients bought to the affected area.


Arthritis pain can be relieved by taking a soak in a properly designed spa. The warmth and buoyancy of the water helps with the pain.

5.Sleeping problems

Spending 15-20 minutes in a hot tub before bed helps relax the muscles, and aids a good night´s sleep.

6.Stress and anxiety

Spa and hot tub treatments can balance physical, emotional and spiritual energy, relieving stress and anxiety and rejuvenating the body and mind.

7.Poor circulation

The warmth generated in hot tubs can open up the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure. This in turn eases blood flow and improves circulation, plus stimulates nerves to boost the immune system.

8. Body and muscle aches

Soaking in warm water can alleviate body aches. Doing light stretches while you are in the tub may also help. Soaking at a temperature between 102 and 106ºF can also help loosen tense muscles.

9.Migraine headaches

Jets in a hot tub dilate blood vessels and prevent headaches and migraines.


Regular hot tub usage of up to 30 minutes a day for around 3-4 weeks can help people with type 2 diabetes lower blood sugar and lose weight.

For the ultimate holiday experience, book a spa suite with a hot tub or full spa facilities, and return home feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

10 reasons why to book a spa suite in Windermere

In addition to health benefits, there is no better feeling than soaking in a spa or hot tub after an energetic walk around the Lake District – Heaven!

Hot tubs, also referred to as spas, provide relaxation and soothe muscles. The term “spa” is associated with treatment by water. The earliest descriptions of western bathing practices come from Greece, where citizens bathed using regimens that form the foundation for modern spa procedures.

In Greek mythology, it was believed that the natural springs and tidal pools were blessed by gods and able to cure a variety of diseases. While spas do not cure diseases, they do provide some benefits.

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