10 Things to do Near Coniston Water

Things to do Near Coniston Water

When you’re staying at a spa hotel in Bowness-on-Windermere, you are only a short distance from Coniston Water. You can take a boat ride, hire a car or make the most of public transport. However you decide to travel, there are lots of things to do near Coniston Water when you arrive.

10 Things to do Near Coniston Water

The Ruskin Museum

Named after famous Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, the museum gives an insight into Coniston and its surroundings. One of the most popular attractions in the Lake District, it also pays homage to the great water speed record holder Sir Donal Campbell.

Brantwood – John Ruskin’s Home

As well as the popular tourist attraction of the Ruskin Museum, you can also visit his Brantwood home. John Ruskin spent 28 years living in Coniston, with this beautiful country house overlooking the Lake District.

Walking around Coniston Waters

If you’re staying in a spa hotel in Windermere, you won’t be short of a walking route or two. However when you venture a little further, take a gentle stroll from Tom Gill Car Park to Tarn Hows at Coniston for amazing views.

Pony Trekking and Horse Rides

Fancy carrying on the scenic route with 4 legs instead of 2, then pony treks and horse rides in Coniston make an enjoyable alternative. If you’re meeting family or friends with children pony treks are an ideal day out.

Coniston Launch

Ever since the early 20th century, Coniston Launch has provided a beautiful spot to cross the water. It is the ideal location to start your walks across the fells, combined with a relaxing boat ride. The Lake cruise stops at several jetties along the way, another route to ultimately explore the home of art critic John Ruskin.

Steam Yacht Gondola

One of the most popular ways to travel in the Lake District is that of the Steam Yacht Gondola. The yacht is owned by the National Trust and takes 1000’s of visitors across the wonderful lakes each year.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Just because you’re staying in a Windermere spa suite, being pampered, doesn’t mean you can’t try something exciting. Kayaking and canoeing in Coniston water is the ideal outdoor activity or the adrenaline junkie.

Coniston Boating Centre

If you fancy sailing on the lakes by yourself, then Coniston Boating Centre is the place for you. Hiring out everything from sailing boats to paddle boards. So whether you’re taking a relaxing boat ride, or a challenging day kayaking, you’re spa suite hot tub in Windermere awaits your return.

Lunch at Bluebird Café

There are of course plenty of choices of where to eat lunch or go for a drink, but lunch at Bluebird Café is an ideal location. You can visit after spending time on the water, as it’s just a stone’s throw away from the boating centre’s pier.

Book into a Boutique Spa Suite with Hot Tub

Finally, if you’re looking to stay nearby then be sure to check into a Windermere Boutique Spa Suite with hot tub. You can enjoy nearby spa facilities in the main hotel, as well as relax in your very own Swedish hot room. So why not make the most of alternative things to do near Coniston Water.

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