5 Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

5 Health Benefits of a Hot Tub, Indoor Hot Tubs in Windermere

The health benefits of a hot tub can be experienced during a spa package break in the Lake District. We offer all our guests the taste of luxury, during a stay in our Windermere Boutique Spa Suites.

5 Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

As well as enjoying the health benefits of a hot tub during your holiday in Windermere, they may persuade you to invest in one long term.

Great for Stress Relief

With the constant temperature and massaging water jets, you won’t want to get out the hot tub in your spa suite. It’s the chance to let yourself forget about any worries and just relax. However, the health benefits of a hot tub are more than phycological. In fact, the endorphins the body releases during a therapeutic massage are a natural remedy for stress and good for both mind and soul.

Reduces Blood Pressure

It’s been scientifically proven that soaking in a spa suite hot tub can reduce blood pressure within just 15 minutes. Just think the benefits your spa package break in the Lake District will have if you take a moment to relax each day.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

In particular, this health benefit is of interest to those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Long term use can potentially reduce blood sugar levels by over 10%. Which could be an investment worth considering.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

Imagine the natural buoyancy of the water combined with the healing properties of a heat pack. Well, this in a way is how a hot tub can help with arthritic pain. Only the temperature of the hot tub in your Windermere spa suite can be controlled. This means applying the constant heat needed to help with those stiff joints and any other aches and pains.

Alternative to a Massage

While we would also recommend booking into our Windermere Beauty Treatments for some extra TLC, a hot tub is a superb alternative to massage. The jet streams of water can stimulate the muscles and hit those spots that really need it. All the time without even having to get out of the tub.

Please note it is always recommended to seek medical advice before using a hot tub spa suite.

Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

Our spa suites with hot tubs in Windermere are can be found at Longtail Hill, postcode LA23 3JD. Breakfast is served daily and the menu for lunch and dinner contains some of the finest local produce. Not only that but there is also a mini-bar available in each spa suite. So even if you are on a health kick, you still deserve a little treat if you so wish.

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

Thinking of visiting Cumbria this year? Then why not book a spa package break in the Lake District. At the Windermere Boutique Spa Suites with hot tubs, we have a choice of 3 spa suites available. All of which come with the added extra of the facilities at Aphrodite’s Lodge Spa Hotel. Where you can also enjoy the Windermere beauty treatments, curtsey of our resident therapist.

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