Alternative Outdoor Activities in the Lake District

Alternative Outdoor Activities in the Lake District, package break in the Lake District

While we may think of a lot of outdoor activities involving exercise, it doesn’t have to be the case. So although we do look at some of the more extreme ideas, some are for those of us who prefer a bit of a quieter lifestyle.

Alternative Outdoor Activities in the Lake District

Canyoning and Scrambling

These are outdoor activities that aren’t for the faint-hearted. However, there are so many areas to explore that canyoning and scrambling in the Lake District leave no stone unturned. As an alternative to just taking a leisurely walk, or cross-country run, this gives visitors a chance to push themselves to the limit. Although, it should be added that only undertake such outdoor activities with an experienced personal trainer or qualified guide.

Off-Road Driving

If you’d rather at least try and keep dry while enjoying a gruelling challenge, then why not do it behind the wheel of a 4×4. While much of the Lake District should be left as nature intended, there are organised companies that offer the chance to drive through the muddy fields. With dirt tracks and specially designed courses, giving even the most experienced of drivers something to worry about.

Tree Top Walking

It’s one thing being able to go walking in the Lake District, it’s another doing it through the treetops. What’s more, unlike alternative outdoor activities such as rock climbing, tree top walking doesn’t require any previous experience. So whether it be the Tree Top Trek in Windermere, or at Go Ape in Ambleside there’s a chance for all ages to get involved.

Dinner on Lake Windermere

Although all these alternative outdoor activities in the Lake District have their place, sometimes you need time to relax. After all, while you’re away on a spa package break in the Lake District, you need time to yourself away from the crowds. You can, however, still enjoy the outdoors with a romantic dinner on Lake Windermere.

Castles and Stately Homes

In the Lake District, many of the great houses and castles come with wonderful grounds and gardens. As such giving you a chance to enjoy some culture and a little of Cumbria’s great history while out and about.

Alpaca Walks in the Lake District

It’s of course, well known that the Lake District is a popular walking destination. However, if you prefer some rather special company how about walking an Alpaca? These loveable animals provide great company as you take a walk through an Alpaca Farm. They’re fun and full of character. Plus they’re a four-legged alternative to getting on horseback and going for a ride!

Book a Spa Package Break in the Lake District

If you are looking somewhere to stay while enjoying outdoor activities in the Lake District, book a spa package break at our Boutique Spa Suites. As well as embracing the great outdoors, relax outside in your own private hot tub during your time away.

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