Book a Summer Break in Windermere

Book a Summer Break in Windermere

Book a Summer Break in Windermere

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, a summer break in Windermere could soon become a reality. Whereby our hot tub spa suites are set to provide the perfect UK staycation. All within the luxurious surroundings of the Lake District.

What’s more, we’re currently running a very special offer. Allowing guests to book up now in order to take advantage of a huge 25% saving on their summer holiday. In fact, with dates already booking fast, a UK staycation is certainly something everyone is talking about.

So why not take a look at our spa suites in Windermere, all of which come with their own private hot tub. Alternatively, as part of the Aphrodites Group, our independent hotel chain offers rooms at a further two properties.

The Aphrodites Boutique Suites in Bowness on Windermere include luxury rooms, spa suites and a log cabin with private gardens. Again, available with hot tubs and a host of other modern-day facilities.

Likewise, the Windermere Tranquil Retreat is available to book with a number of additional hot tub spa suites. Although, having opened an additional 4 rooms at the Tranquil Retreat, we’re still just as proud of our original Windermere Boutique Spa Suites.

About the Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

However, when it comes to our Windermere Boutique Spa suites, we’re able to offer 3 wonderful rooms:

  • The Bowness Spa Suite
  • The Lake District Spa Suite
  • The Windermere Spa Suite

Guests are often enticed by the luxurious boutique spa hotel setting. In which you can find us just a short distance from Lake Windermere. As such, not only located at one of the most popular holiday destinations in Great Britain, but within easy access of the rest of Cumbria.

During a summer break in Windermere, you get much more as part of your holiday. After all, with your own private spa suite and hot tub, it’s the chance to truly relax. The benefits of a hot tub are well-documented, helping with everything from arthritis to type 2 diabetes.

Although, if you wish to find out more, contact the Aphrodites Group for more information. Same applies should you wish to know more about our Windermere Boutique Spa Suites. Especially give we appreciate some people may be apprehensive about booking a summer break in Windermere in the current climate.

That’s why we already have the appropriate social distancing measures in place, ready to re-open. As such, should any restrictions continue into the summer, there’s no need to worry. We have your best interests covered.

Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

Are you looking for the perfect summer break in Windermere? Book a UK Staycation at the Windermere Boutique Spa Suites in the Lake District. Where you have a choice of 3 spa suites, all with their own private hot tub.

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