Boutique is a term used to describe small shops and chic hotels, which usually offer a choice of exclusively themed rooms.

‘Boutique Hotel’ is a term initially used in America and the UK to describe small, intimate hotels which typically have a smaller number of rooms than large hotel chains.

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Boutique hotels first began opening in the late 1980’s in major cities such as London and New York and soon started popping up in some of the UK’s major holiday destinations, including Windermere in the Lake District.

Most boutique hotels are furnished in a themed and stylish manner and include luxury suites with hot tubs and spas.

‘Boutique’ is the French word for a shop which sells stylish clothing, jewellery and other, usually expensive gifts. The term ‘boutique’ started to be commonly used in the UK in the late 1960’s when London became a fashion capital. Carnaby Street and King’s Road were the focus of much media attention and celebrities would flock to the capital for the latest trends.

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The term ‘boutique’ can also refer to a specialised firm in other industries and may be used to describe a property in the independent sector of the hotel market (not a chain). ‘Boutique’ when used with ‘hotel’ usually conveys that the establishment is small, elite and luxurious.

Occasionally small chains of hotels can be referred to as ‘boutique’ if they cater to luxurious and upscale niche markets.

‘Boutique’ can also be used to refer to niche manufacturing – goods that are produced in small numbers to be sold at very high prices. Some boutiques specialise in hand-made items or produce fashions in very small runs.

In the late 1990’s European retail traders came up with the idea of concept stores, which specialised in cross-selling without splitting the departments up.

A concept store goes beyond selling simple products and appeals to a certain a general sense of lifestyle by offering products to match the desires of those involved in a particular social scene.

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This type of store typically has a single vision for the group it is appealing to, such as urban fashion. While there is no single form a concept store typically takes, it is designed in general to appeal to a niche segment of the market.

For example, a store which is meant to appeal to those with interest in top-end fashion by famous designers would also sell established brands of shoes, perfume and accessories, which would typically be advertised in fashion magazines. This separates such a store from a high street retail business which offers many of the same products from one year to the next.

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