Where can you have a BBQ in the Lake District?

Where can you have a BBQ in the Lake District

Where can you have a BBQ in the Lake District?

Following the beautiful bank holiday weather, you’ve no doubt noticed that distinct barbeque smell in the air. So as you pack your cooking utensils ready for a holiday in Cumbria, where can you have a BBQ in the Lake District?

Well, the reality is you can’t just start a fire anywhere. Even if it is for the sole purpose of cooking a meal over hot coals. If you’re staying in a boutique spa suite in Windermere, then take a walk down to the Lake and find a responsible piece of land.

However, make sure you have permission from the landowner and keep a look out for designated spots. After all, you need to respect that the Lake District is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a good time though. There are plenty of regulated places where you can have a BBQ in the Lake District. Please ensure you check for any updates on whether you’re allowed a BBQ onsite before setting up.

Derwent Water

If you fancy taking the car and going for a scenic drive, then park up at nearby Derwent Water. It will only take 45 minutes from your spa suite in Windermere. Plus there are plenty of barbeque facilities without having to venture far from the car park.

That said you can head slightly off the beaten track and you will soon find beautiful secluded beaches. It really is what your Lake District holiday was made for.

Be Responsible

Once you’ve found out where can you have a BBQ in the Lake District, everything else soon becomes your responsibility. Although we’re of course not just talking about cooking the food!

Keep an eye on the flame, you may be sheltered from the wind, but nearby heather or woodland can inadvertently catch fire. Especially if it’s been a dry spell, so keep an eye on any sparks or paper that may catch fire unexpectedly.

It’s always recommended to use proper barbeques rather than disposable. So remember to leave room in the car. It’s nothing against cooking on a more traditional open fire, just disposable ones tend to damage the ground if not used properly.

When you’ve finished eating, your responsibility doesn’t end there either. It’s only fair that you treat the wonderful Lakes with the respect it deserves and take any rubbish with you. That includes making sure that any charcoal or disposable BBQ’s have fully cooled down. The last thing you want to have to explain back at your Windermere hotel is why you’ve made the local news!

Staying in the Lake District

If however, you wish to enjoy barbeque food without cooking yourself, then why not visit a nearby restaurant. The staff at the Windermere Boutique Spa Suite will be happy to help find you the ideal romantic meal.

Alternatively, our rooms come with amazing views of Lake Windermere and the Cumbrian Mountains. So why not order food in and relax in your hot tub or Swedish Hot Room?

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