Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

Health benefits of using a hot tub were first noticed by the Ancient Greeks.

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Hot tubs provide relaxation and soothe aching muscles. The term “spa” is associated with treatment by water. The earliest descriptions of western bathing practices come from Greece, where people regularly bathed using regimens that form the foundation for modern spa procedures. In Greek mythology, it was believed that the natural springs and tidal pools were blessed by gods and cured a range of diseases. Although today´s hot tubs do not cure diseases, they can benefit users in many other ways.

Health benefits of using a hot tub include:

1. Muscle Pain Relief

Muscular pain relief is one of the benefits of using a hot tub, and the water has the same effect that a hot pack would have on a sore muscle. Warm water engulfs the body and loses muscle tightness. Pressurised water from wall jets apply more direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle. Stretching or mild exercise in the hot tub will also improve flexibility.

2. Arthritis relief

Water makes the body buoyant and allows free movement of the joints with up to 90% less weight when the body is immersed in water. Once stress has been removed from the joints the body can move freely without the pain often associated with arthritis.

3. Better blood flow

Hot tubs help cause the dilation of blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood flow throughout the body. This delivers oxygen and enzymes to the site of the ache, reducing any pain.

4. Insomnia

People who relax in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes before bed time are more likely to enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep. Warm water massage can stimulate your body to release endorphins and these endorphins help reduce stress.

5. Joint Pain

Once an injury occurs in the human body, blood flow is automatically increased to the injured area. This causes swelling at the joint which in turn causes pain. Warm water in a hot tub will dilate the blood vessels to relieve painful symptoms.

6. Weight loss

Hot tubs can help accelerate weight loss when used regularly (around 30 minutes per day for three weeks at a time).

7. General well-being

People who use hot tubs and spa facilities regularly enjoy a feeling of rejuvenation, and relaxation that only hydrotherapy can bring. Spa treatments are good for the mind and the soul, and reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Headaches

Pressure jets in a hot tub can relieve and prevent headaches from occurring, as they reduce stress and promote relaxation.

9. Poor circulation

The warm water in spas and hot tubs opens up the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure. This in turn eases blood flow and improves circulation, plus stimulates nerves to boost the immune system.

10. Chronic Pain relief

Hot tub therapy can help people suffering chronic pain by massaging pressure points in the body where pain is at its worse.

Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

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