Where to play tennis in Windermere

Where to play tennis in Windermere 2019

Pack your tennis rackets, it’s time to play tennis in Windermere. As Wimbledon Tennis Championships start to reach their climax, expect the tennis courts in Windermere to start filling up.

That’s why knowing where to play tennis in Windermere before you book your package break in the Lake District is a good idea.

Where to play tennis in Windermere?

Although there may only be a couple of places to play tennis in Windermere, there are also a number of courts nearby.

Windermere Lawn Tennis Club

If you wish to have a game or two in Windermere, then this is surely first choice. Not only that, but just like Wimbledon you can play on grass at Windermere Lawn Tennis Club. Although it’s always best to book in advance as there are only 2 courts available.

Better Glebe Park, Bowness-on-Windermere

Staying local, you can also play tennis in Windermere at Better Glebe Park. Here you will find a choice of 3 courts, as well as other fun things to do such as pitch and putt or crazy golf.

Keswick and Braithwaite

Another grass court now, a little further out of Windermere at nearby Keswick and Braithwaite Tennis Club. Although if you wish to book a coaching session, Braithwaite Hard Courts are available for such things every Sunday.

White Platts, Ambleside

Ambleside is only a 10-minute drive along Lake Windermere, so not far if all the local courts are booked up in advance. However, it’s still recommended to phone ahead, as the complex is busy with other facilities too.

Ambleside Park

One for the daytime or the long summer evenings, due to the lack of flood lighting. It just means the Ambleside Park courts are likely to close early.

So whether you’re going to be the next Roger Federer or been inspired by Coco Gauff, best you get ready to serve.

Other ways to keep fit in Windermere

If however, you don’t get a chance to play tennis in Windermere there are plenty of other ways to exercise. Personal fitness is just as important to us as those health benefits from your Lake District hot tub.

Water sports are available on the Lake, plus the numerous hills and mountains are perfect for bike rides. Then, of course, it was always natures intention to encourage walking in Cumbria. If you need alternative ways to keep fit, you can always hire a personal trainer during your package break in the Lake District.

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

Book a spa package break in the Lake District at our Boutique Spa Suites in Windermere. Where you can relax in your own hot tub in your private spa suite or treat yourself to a pamper session at Aphrodite’s Lodge.

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