September Spa Break in Windermere

September Spa Break in Windermere

Book a spa break in Windermere this September for a truly memorable experience. As you prepare to settle into your private indoor hot tub. Staying at our Windermere Boutique Spa Suites means you can enjoy a long holiday, romantic weekend, anniversary or special occasion surrounded by peace and tranquillity.

Relax with a September Spa Break

Have you ever planned a summer holiday at a popular tourist destination during the summer, only to regret how busy it gets? If we’re staying in Europe, we often think the best time to get away is during July and August. However, when it comes to a relaxing spa break, September makes for a great alternative.

After all, most of the crowds have dispersed when it comes to those getting away while the kids aren’t at school. As such, the month of September automatically reduces the likelihood of sharing your holiday with other families.

Of course, that’s nothing against children and our spa hotels are geared towards couples and romantic getaways. It’s just a September spa break is a time to relax, while enjoying some quiet time alone with the one you love.

However, make sure you check our availability before planning things to do as dates are fast running out. Alternatively, follow the Aphrodites Group on Facebook and you’ll be among the first to hear of any last-minute deals. In particular the occasional one-night bed and breakfast or rare cancellations that can’t be avoided.

Explore Windermere in September

As we’ve already touched on, September can (in theory) be a much quieter month than those that come before it. Although that doesn’t mean there’s any less to do, in fact far from it. The shoulder season is often an ideal time for a spa break in Windermere.

Especially given the unpredictability of the Great British weather. After all, we should all know by now that summer doesn’t always bring out the sunshine. As such, there’s still the chance of a late heat-wave or at least visiting during a dry spell.

In return this can provide the perfect walking conditions for taking a gentle ride around the Lakes. While the more adventurous may prefer a challenging hike across the hilltops. The change in season also brings with it a fresh burst of colour. Especially the scenery towards the end of the month.

As for popular attractions, they too continue to thrive before the year is out. In particular the likes of Windermere River Cruises, Rydal Mount and Gardens, Wray Castle or the abundance of local pubs and restaurants.

Then there are those annual events taking place, whereby if you arrived earlier in the year many of which would have been cancelled. However, coming out of lockdown means the Keswick Mountain Festival, Ambleside Days and the Westmorland County Show are just some of those still going ahead within easy reach of our accommodation.

Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

Start planning a September spa break in Windermere with our luxurious, independent spa hotel in the Lake District. As part of the Aphrodites Group, we proudly offer 3 rooms with indoor hot tubs, as well as a wide-selection of spa suites at our other properties.

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