10 of the top things you should know about Windermere

Not only famous for being home to England’s longest lake, but there are also many things you should know about Windermere. Some of which, you can even teach the locals!

10 of the top things you should know about Windermere

Name Fame

The word ‘Windermere’ is derived from two words, ‘mere’ implies a body of water and the old Norse name ‘Vinandr’. Nobody knows about this character Vinandr but it is believed that it is somebody who truly appreciated the beauty of the lake and decided it belonged to him.

Grazing Grey Sheep

You will easily notice the grey sheep around the fells that are best-known for their robust health and their ability to live solely on forage. Their wool quality is unique due to its durability. They have the amazing endurance to survive under a blanket of snow for more than 3 days while eating their own wool.

Hound trailing

This is the famous sport which has become a local tradition now. From April to October, hound trail racing take place all around Cumbria. Trained hounds follow a strong paraffin scent around a circular route. The race lasts up to 40 minutes.

Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

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Most sought-after destination

Around 16 million visitors head to the Lake District every year but this beautiful region does not leave any stone unturned to provide an experience as individual as you are with a wide choice of attractions.

The Birth of a Trust

Visit Wray Castle across the lake. This was built in 1840 to commemorate the contributions of a retired Liverpool surgeon before one of the successors conceived the idea to transform it into a National Trust.

Skating on Windermere

Walking on water became a reality when Windermere was completely iced over for a period of six weeks and visitors literally walk across the lake in 1895.


The Lake District National park will offer you countless sights like never before. Explore the region’s fells and countryside to witness the postcard panorama of hilltops, sparkling lakes and mountain tarns.

Making the most of Lakeland

Nurture Lakeland- A large group of inspiring people who work tirelessly to contribute to the natural environment of Windermere. They make every possible effort to protect the beauty of the region so that people can enjoy the lakes for centuries to come.

Refreshing local brew

Finally, last on our things you should know about Windermere is all about the beer. Local ales are a must-try when you visit this lovely destination. There are a number of brewerys to visit too. Once used as an ancestral offering in China and to honour the dead in Egypt, beer is now relished by all. Use of natural ingredients let you taste the local flavours at their absolute best.

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