Top 5 Hot Tub Health Benefits

Top 5 Hot Tub Health Benefits

Top 5 Hot Tub Health Benefits

It’s no surprise that research has shown hot tubs are beneficial to both mental and physical wellbeing. You feel instant relief when you take a dip in the water and there’s a reason why they feature in many professional spa hotels. If you want to know more, results often come up with the following top 5 hot tub health benefits.

Hot Tubs can help lower blood pressure

With the heat of a Swedish sauna and that of the heated pool, the heart works harder, much like a good work out but without the effort! This helps dilate the blood vessels, which along with becoming more relaxed will naturally bring down your blood pressure.

Diabetes and lowering blood sugar levels

Studies have shown regular use of a hot tub can help lower blood sugar levels, although ensure you fully appreciate the effects when consulting an expert. If you’re visiting the Lake District and suffer with type 2 diabetes, speak to one of the therapists at the Aphrodite’s Lodge spa in Windermere.

Hot tubs relieve pain

The heat will help relax your muscles, which is especially good if you have a recurring injury or been taking part in some strenuous exercise. However, unlike taking a bath, hot tubs maintain a consistent temperature, which means so will your body. What’s more, the water motion can massage, along of course with a qualified masseur. Who, incidentally, are also available to help at our boutique spa hotels in Windermere.

They can help you get a good night’s sleep

When you’re away at a spa retreat in the Lake District, you’ll be wanting a good night’s sleep after a busy day out. Booking a hotel room with a hot tub can certainly help provide health benefits with insomnia and sleep deprivation.

The buoyancy of water around the body helps give you a feeling of weightlessness, helping you to drift off and nicely relaxed. Even in the cold of winter, jumping in a hot tub will soon bring your body temperature back to the perfect sleeping conditions.

Hot tubs can help reduce stress

The chances are if you’ve checked into a Windermere spa hotel for the weekend, you want to forget about the stresses of everyday life. You deserve to be pampered. After you’ve made the most of other spa facilities in the hotel, take a dip in your hot tub. Imagine how you feel after a long soak in the bath, so grab something to read, light the candles, sit back and relax.

When you’re on holiday in the Lake District, you will love having access to your own hot tub, however, always consult your doctor with any health-related questions.

If you are planning a trip to Windermere, then why not book into a Windermere Boutique Spa Suite. You can discover our top 5 hot tub health benefits first hand.

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