UK Staycation in the Lake District

UK Staycation in the Lake District, Summer Spa Break in Windermere, Windermere Spa Suites in August

We all too often look at travelling abroad, however, a UK staycation makes a hot tub break in the Lake District even more appealing. Especially given the current climate, one in which international flights are in the balance.

Without the need to cross borders, you’re less likely to be caught having to self-isolate the moment your UK staycation is over. Although, with our private hot tub suites in Windermere, you may not want to leave!

Why a UK Staycation in the Lake District?

Many of us look to the exotic corners of the world for our dream holiday. However, the reality is we’re incredibly proud of our immediate surroundings. Here in the very heart of Cumbria, there’s a reason why millions of tourists choose a UK Staycation in the Lake District.

You only need to turn to the beautiful views available from our hot tub suites in Windermere. In particular, the vast expanse of greenery, just moments away from your own private spa suites. The Lake District having been finally awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2017.

The Lake District being recognised as an area of natural beauty. Putting the Lakes up there with the Great Barrier Reef, Archipiélago de Revillagigedo in Mexico and the beautiful Fjords of Norway.

That’s before you even start looking into other things to do and places to visit. After all, as well as walks along Lake Windermere and the surrounding areas, there’s an array of popular tourist attractions. Along with a wide selection of pubs and restaurants.

Other Benefits of a UK Staycation

It’s not just down to international travel restrictions that make the Lake District a more desirable choice either. As it’s the position in the countryside also makes the Lakes easily accessible from all across the country.

Maybe you prefer to drive to your holiday destination than flying? In which case, the scenery along the way as you enter Cumbria is rewarding in itself. However, you can also reach the Lake District by train from London, Manchester and Liverpool within a matter of hours.

Upon arrival, if you’d rather leave the car at your hotel, simply make use of the local transport connections. Bus services are a perfect way of reaching places of interest too. Whereas Lake Cruises and steam trains allow you to travel in style.

There is also a wealth of things to do in the Lake District, many of which you may not experience elsewhere on your travels. By staying local, you can gain knowledge of the history of the United Kingdom. It’s also a chance to support the economy, whereby the leisure and tourism industry hosts a wealth of pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Windermere Boutique Spa Suites

Why not book a UK staycation in the Lake District? By staying at the Windermere Boutique Spa Suites, you can soon join the long list of visitors that have made the Lakes their chosen holiday destination.

Are you thinking of booking a UK staycation this summer? As part of the independent Aphrodites Group, we are currently offering guests a 25% discount on holidays booked for the 1st June onwards. Please see our packages and deals section for further details.

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