Windermere Water Sports

Windermere Water Sports

Windermere Water Sports

Lake Windermere is ideal for water sports, with an abundance of outdoor activities in and around Cumbria’s largest body of water. There’s everything available from dipping a toe in the water to swimming, windsurfing and sailing.

The Great North Swim

Open water swimming is increasingly popular, especially during the warmer summer months. The great thing is it’s a low-cost activity, which you can do pretty much anywhere within reason. Although, of course, check with local authorities if you’re unsure and if swimming in Lake Windermere, watch out for oncoming boats!

Then for the more competitive swimmer, the Great North Swim takes place once a year offering the ultimate test in Windermere Water Sports. The Great North Swim is a popular event, running in the Lake District annually every June.

While on a package break in Windermere, dive into the pool at Aphrodite’s Lodge and practice for those shorter distances. However with a medal in the 5km swim available, it’s a good job you’ve got a while until it’s time to sign up.

Windermere Canoe and Kayak Hire

Several tour companies in the Lake District offer the chance to hire canoes and kayaks. Although many of these can be found near the jetty at Lake Windermere. Both canoes and kayaks are some of the most popular water sports in Windermere.

As you can enjoy wading through the water at a speed that suits you. Some people may enjoy leisurely time in the water, others may want to see how far they can paddle. If you prefer a romantic trip, hire a rowing boat on Lake Windermere or buy a ticket for the Windermere Lake Cruises.

Water Skiing and SUP in Windermere

Don’t expect there to extreme waves on Lake Windermere, although you can still build up speed. Try to hold on as you’re being pulled along by a powerboat. The long stretch of water is perfect to hear the rev of the engine as you speed along. However, water skiing in Windermere you might not get as much time to admire your surroundings!

Then there’s the more sedate way to try your hand at surfing, the relatively new craze of Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP). It’s an off-shoot of regular surfing, in which participants use an oar to paddle through the water.

As for other forms of water sports in Windermere, there’s plenty more to try. In fact, you can do almost anything during your spa break in the Lake District!

Package Break in Windermere

Book a package break in Windermere and enjoy the benefits of a hot tub at our Boutique Spa Suites. During your summer holiday in the Lake District, you can also make the most of the main hotels’ other facilities. As well as the Windermere Beauty Treatments available all year round.

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