Windermere Weather, September 2018

Windermere Weather

Windermere Weather, September 2018

What’s the weather like in Windermere in September? The weather is due to stay mainly dry until mid-September.
It wouldn’t be England if we didn’t talk about the weather! So the Windermere Weather forecast is no different. The chances are if you’ve booked a last minute holiday, you’ll be wanting to know what the weather is like in the Lake District. Ready in time to get planning for your time away.

Well, as you can imagine it’s not a given that the sun will be shining. However, given the recent run of good weather and an extra long summer, you can but hope. The rain may have started to dampen your spirits, but that’s not to say it won’t blow over.

As of the end of August, the Windermere Weather for September 2018 overall isn’t looking too bad. Despite the odd shower, the first couple of weeks are due to be largely dry, albeit a little cloudy. So while you don’t have to panic about packing those wellington boots just yet, don’t expect the soaring temperatures of recent months.

Early month temperatures are due to hit 23 degrees, but the monthly average is scheduled to be around 16/17.

As for later in the month, the chance of rain is a lot higher. Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of things to do in Windermere in the rain.

Lake District Weather and Visiting in September

Of course, the weather in Windermere and the Lake District is interchangeable, so it’s always a good idea to check a reliable source. In particular, is a good source of information, providing detailed accounts and up to date analysis.

As a general rule, Lake District weather tends to feature regular showers. Although that’s not necessarily the case for 2018. Temperatures may start to drop, but that could be even more reason to turn up the heat in your Lake District hot tub. Imagine sitting in your Windermere hot tub, as the Autumn showers start to fall, you can certainly make the most of your surroundings.

What to do in Windermere in September

Whatever the Windermere weather, Autumn is still a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful countryside. Especially if you are planning to go walking across the Lake District Fells. Just remember to pack sensible footwear, maybe an extra pair of socks just in case and certainly waterproofs and a secondary layer.

The unpredictable weather can also mean another heatwave could be just around the corner. So best you pack that sun cream too!

There are plenty of events on, from the arts of Lakes Alive to the famous Westmorland Country Show. Other things to do in Windermere are enjoyable all year round, the Lake Cruises for example or a look around the Beatrix Potter Museum.

Book a Windermere Spa Suite

If all else fails, then you will be welcome at our Windermere Spa Suite whatever the weather. Come rain or shine, enjoy the spa treatments at Aphrodites Lodge. Alternatively, just relax in your own private Lake District hot tub.

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